Capital Requests – Previous Years

Capital Requests 2021

Summary List – DCRAG Capital Items Request to Shire of Mundaring 2021

WHOLE OF DARLINGTON MASTERPLAN to connect and plan for the whole recreation area future developments and protection of area.  Includes Darlington Reconciliation Plan, Community Consultation & Concept Map for the Whole DRAM.

LANDSCAPING / TREES:  Implementation of planting program and some winter planting of large replacement trees, as per the 2020 -2120 DCRAG Large Tree Replacement Management plan.  

DCRAG SEATING PLAN:  DCRAG notes the SOM budget entry “Replace bollards perimeter” 2020-21 for $9000 2020/2021. In discussion with Shane Purdy, the 2021 DCRAG Seating Plan has now been presented to Shire for consideration in relation to SOM budget entry. “We aim for appropriate, plentiful, natural seating including picnic tables, benches and continued low stone wall sections.

ACCESSIBILITY PATHWAY & STONE WALL SECTIONS : REQUEST: A new red asphalt accessibility pathway with sections of low stonewalls around the South side of the oval to link east and west recreational facilities.

LOWER RECREATION AREA MASTER PLAN (SKATEPARK): Minor infrastructure ; Seats, shelters, landscaping. fitness stations, nesting boxes, water fountain, water for nature.

BUSHLANDS AND WINTER WETLANDS BOARDWALK  – STAGE 2 OF THE LAMP MASTERPLAN – Boardwalk and adventure playground and regeneration of western bush area toward RRHT – Conceptual 2021

CRICKET PITCH & CRICKET NETS improvements – further discussion with Social Club and Junior Club.


Air conditioning heating and cooling

New kitchen (not commercial)

Electrical upgrade

Sound reduction treatments

Instant hot water system in the kitchen / New oven and new fridge

UPGRADE OF THE EXISTING BBQ FACILITY near Darlington Hall including; replacement of existing BBQ, additional BBQ, Lighting, external power point. in conjunction with the Darlington Club. This improvement is support by DCRAG. SOM FUNDED FOR 2022/23

FITNESS TRACK NORTH/EAST OVAL : A new soft fall pathway along the bank on the north and east side of the oval. This pathway would connect with accessible paths at either end and act as a fitness circuit. 

NATURE BASED FITNESS EQUIPMENT with nature-based materials ( X 2 LAMP)NATURE BASED FITNESS EQUIPMENT  x 1 near tennis court area (proposed)

UNDERGROUND POWER LINES for the Pine Terrace and grassy areas in front of Hall.  (SOM to make application to Western Power).

NEW TURF for the playground/Hall area to complete the pathways undertaken in 2020.

Capital Requests 2020

The 2020 capital requests include (but are not limited to) the following:

Completion of paving/grass installation on the western end of the community pavilion

Boxing in of the Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) on south side of the oval

Continuation of support for the Darlington Skate Park Community Masterplan

Darlington Hall improvements

Replacement of the astro turf wicket

upgrade of the existing BBQ facility on the oval

A new red asphalt accessibility pathway

A new soft fall pathway

A nature based fitness circuit

Installaion of a third cricket net

Large Tree Replacement Masterplan

Infrastructure improvements to the Owen Street Playground / Shop crossing area

Underground power lines on Pine Terrace

Support of DaSRA for funds to comple of the Pavilion

Capital Request 2019 – submitted to the shire

DCRAG has requested allocation of money for the following Community Recreation areas (summary below). Please download the DCRAG proposal to Shire Jan 2019 pdf for full details:

Replacement of the astro turf wicket

Upgrade to existing barbeque near Darlington Hall

Additional support for Stage 2 of the Pavilion upgrade

Completion of paving /grass near pavilion and skate park

Accessible pathway through the oval

Safety, stone wall around southern end of oval

Suggested upgrades to some seating areas

Support for the Darlington Skatepark Community Master Plan

Exercise equipment on the oval

Large Tree Replacement Masterplan

Funding of large tree planting when the Large Tree Masterplan has been developed

Safety improvements to crossing area on Owen Road.


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