Darlington Ratepayers

Darlington Ratepayers & Residents Association Inc.

The Darlington Ratepayers and Residents Association (DRRA) is an incorporated organisation which provides an opportunity for the people of Darlington to be involved in maintaining and improving our hills and village lifestyle. Its objectives are to preserve the character of Darlington and safeguard the interests of its ratepayers and residents.

What we do

> Facilitate community discussion and advise the relevant authorities of the community’s views and preferences.

> Facilitate resolution on issues affecting the community, including planning, infrastructure, environmental matters and residential concerns.

Up coming planning documents and links will be added to the Planning Matters page.

Link to Planning Matters

> Prepare submissions to Local Government authorities.

> Make representation on behalf of the community to the Shire of Mundaring and its Councillors, State Government and other authorities.


Membership is $10 per household, per year and all Darlington residents and ratepayers over the age of 18 are eligible to apply. Residents from surrounding areas are welcome to attend meetings.

Community meetings

DRRA meets at the lesser hall on the first Tuesday of the month from February to November each year.

Further information

For further information on current issues and discussions or to contact us, please check DRRA notes in the Darlington Review.


A residents association in one form or another has existed in Darlington since the early 20th C. Apart from a break during WWII, regular meetings have been held for over 100 years, making DRRA one of the oldest continuous representative organisations in the state. It is a history of which the Darlington community is proud.

Darlington Village Precinct Plan

Darlington Village Locality Plan 2019

The locality plan is now available to download and review. The DRRA will be seeking your feedback in the new year.

Note that on page 21 the Useful links for the precinct plan have been superceded by the files below. The document will be updated to reflect these in due course.

Owen Road Crossing and Beautification

Three designs coming soon – to be displayed here – public feedback at DRRA AGM Tuesday 17th November 2020 at Darlington Lesser Hall.

There are ongoing safety concerns related to the visibility of pedestrians crossing Owen Rd and in particular between the entrance to the playground and the commercial property at 1 Beenong Rd (Perella’s). Two traffic calming speed bumps exist.

There are also long term concerns regarding the aesthetics of the commercial zone between Brook Rd and Beenong Rd. 

Darlington Ratepayers and Residents Association has formed a subgroup to gather community opinion. The members are Allan McAuliffe, Grant Butler and Stacey August.