Community Care

We want to make contact with anyone in the community who may not be using social media or internet.

The aim of this group is: “To support us all during this time of crisis – to create a space where people in the Darlington community can explicitly ask for help, either for themselves or others, and where people can intentionally offer help to others. This creates opportunities for us to grow and strengthen our community connections, making sure we all take care of ourselves and each other. Please invite others in the community to this group and let’s leave no-one behind!”

Are you able to help?
Below is a flyer that you can download use to reach out to folks around you. You can print this and distribute to letterboxes in your neighbourhood.

If you have distributed these or other offers of help in your street, please let Stacey August know by emailing so that we can create a map of the streets which have been covered and direct any extra offers of support.

Are you self-isolated and needing some assistance?
If you are someone who needs support, there are folks in our village who are willing to help you out. Please attach a coloured cloth to your letterbox to indicate that you would appreciate some support. Someone might then, drop a flyer into your letter box with their details so that you know who to contact. You might end up with a dozen flyers being dropped in your letterbox, but that’s not such a bad thing. There are people in Darlington offering to do shopping or pick up medications or just have plain old chats over the fence.

If you don’t get a flyer then call Sonja Parker on 0439 985 406 or Stacey August on 0400 247 526.

The motto is “We leave no-one behind.”