Darlington Review

First published in the 1950s, The Darlington Review is a not for profit monthly journal run by volunteers.
Subscribers and contributors include most of the village’s community groups, including the Darlington Ratepayers and Residents Association, local schools, churches and sporting groups. As this is a non-commercial site, advertising which appears in the printed journal does not appear on this site. Surplus funds raised through subscriptions and advertising are donated back to activities within the community.  An Annual General Meeting is held in February or March each year.

Material for each edition of the Review must be submitted before 5 pm on the 20th of the month.  Please keep contributions to a half page (approx 300 words), and Letters to Editor brief. Items may be placed in the Review Box at the Post Office or emailed to editorial@darlingtonreview.com.au (Copy sent by email preferred.)
Copy and payment to be placed in the Review Box at the Post Office before 5pm on the 20th of each month. Emailed advertisements will only be published if prior payment is received. Please remember that the Post Office closes at 11.30 on Saturdays and is closed for Public Holidays. Classified Ads rates:  $10 for 4 lines + $4 each additional line; $5 for students.
Display Advertising Rates per insertion: Half page $150 ( 19cms wide x 13cms down ) ; 1/3 page $120 (12.5cms wide x 13 cms down) 1/6 page $60 (6cms wide x 13cms down).
Cover strips (NOTE: a minimum commitment of 6 months is required for both spots) Front $150 per issue Back $120 per issue.
Placement or cancellation of advertisements must be received by no later than 5 pm on the 20th of each month. Only finished artwork is accepted. Press quality pdf files preferred. Contact advertising@darlingtonreview.com.au
Non-profit community-based organisations may apply to become members of the Review.  Member subscription rates

  • Full page $250 pa
  • Half page $125 pa

Half yearly rates are also available
Advertising on Covers – available to Member Groups

  • Front page $150
  • Back page $120
  • Inside back page $120
Each month (except January) the Review is hand delivered free to every household in Darlington.  Some copies are available from the Post Office and the Pines store. Apart from typing and printing, the Review is run by volunteers. Your co-operation in meeting deadlines is urged.
 EDITOR: Trea Wiltshire
 EMAIL:   editorial@darlingtonreview.com.au
 PHONE:  Mon, Wed, Fri (H) 9299 6080
• EMAIL:advertising@darlingtonreview.com.au
• PHONE:  9299 6316
• POST:  PO Box 196, Darlington
• BUSINESS MANAGER:  Betty Pitcher
• POST:    PO Box 196, Darlington
• EMAIL:  business@darlingtonreview.com.au
• PHONE: 9299 8802
• HON AUDITOR: Peter Edwards
B.Comm CPA
• PHONE: 9299 6195